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Adafruit Metro M4 Express

Here comes the fastest, most powerful Metro ever. The Adafruit Metro M4 featuring the Microchip ATSAMD51. This Metro is like a bullet train, with it's 120MHz Cortex M4 with floating point support. METRO has 25 GPIO pins, 8 of which are analog in, and two of which is a true analog out. There's a hardware SPI port, hardware I2C port and hardware UART. Logic level is 3.3V.
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This Metro is the same size as the others, and is compatible with all Adafruit shields. It's got analog pins where you expect, and SPI/UART/I2C hardware support in the same spot as the Metro 328 and M0. But! It's powered with an ATSAMD51J19:
- Cortex M4 core running at 120 MHz
- Hardware DSP and floating point support
- 512 KB flash, 192 KB RAM
- 32-bit, 3.3V logic and power
- Dual 1 MSPS DAC (A0 and A1)
- Dual 1 MSPS ADC (8 analog pins)
- 6 x hardware SERCOM (I2C, SPI or UART)
- 16 x PWM outputs
- Stereo I2S input/output with MCK pin
- 10-bit Parallel capture controller (for camera/video in)
- Built in crypto engines with AES (256 bit), true RNG, Pubkey controller

There's a working Arduino board support package, with lots of stuff working, but the primary target for this board is CircuitPython - with 120 MHz, and 192KB of RAM CircuitPython runs really well on this chip! 2 MB QSPI Flash storage chip is included on board. You can use the SPI Flash storage like a very tiny hard drive. When used in Circuit Python, the 2 MB flash acts as storage for all your scripts, libraries and files. When used in Arduino, you can read/write files to it, like a little datalogger or SD card, and then with our helper program, access the files over USB.