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Function Signal Generator - Assembled

Function generator 1 to 10MHz (more than 10MHz is available at cost of distortion). Sine, triangle, square wave waveforms, 0 to 10V p-p, 50 Ohm output impedance, +/- 5V DC offset, aditional square wave output, frequency sweep function, expansion connector for external control.
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The default version comes with an 89C51, but it has a socket for a ATmega328 so that Arduino code can be loaded instead. It also has exposed control signals on a pin header on the side, allowing the entire device to be used as a module without any connectors, potentiometers, button and display. This is fully assembled version, kit can be found here.
All the files including schematic, user manual, and detailed description can be found on hackaday page.

- Single 12 V DC supply required (not included)
- 10 MHz output (limited at 20MHz)
- Sine, triangle and square waveforms available
- 10 V p-p amplitude
- +/- 5 V DC offset
- 50 Ohm output
- Logic level square wave output
- BNC to alligator cable included
- External control via serial port
- External control of voltage parameters