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Bandit the Raccoon (BTR)

Bandit the Racoon is a cool looking board made for programming education which eliminates all need to work with hardware - everything is already connected and ready to use on the board. It can be programmed with block programming which is best for programming logic learning and with Arduino programming using Arduino library.
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Weight: 55 g
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Onboard, there are many different sensors and actuators which can be used directly. All you need to do is connect the USB cable to the PC and you are ready to program and play! It supports battery power as well, there is battery charger onboard, so your projects can be portable.

- Temperature sensor
- Light sensor
- Pushbutton
- Switch
- Potentiometer
- General input pins

- 12 RGB LED diodes arranged into a circle
- Buzzer
- General output pins
- I2C connector

- Atmega328 microcontroller
- CP2102 USB to UART bridge
- Lithium charger onboard

Arduino library and code examples