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Croduino miniNOVA

Croduino miniNova, same as Croduino Nova, is a microcontroller board with an option to connect on WiFi networks based on a very strong microcontroller ESP8266. Main difference between those two products is that miniNOVA doesn't have an USB converter which makes it more affordable, if you have any other product with an USB converter (Croduino Basic2, Croduino NOVA, CP2102 breakout board) you can program this board.
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Weight: 25 g
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- ESP8266 in ESP-12 package
- 80MHz, 1MB flash, 82kB RAM
- programmable from Arduino!
- 9 GPIO pins which support PWM
- 1 analog input(ADC), max. voltage 1V and 5V
- I2C, SPI, serial communication
- 3.3V voltage regulator
- LED diodes for power supply and GPIO13
- hardware automatical reset during upload
- two pushbuttons: reset and GPIO0
- FCC and CE certificates for ESP-12