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panStamp NRG 2 (868 MHz)

panStamp NRG 2 is first-class low-power wireless module. Specially designed for temeletry and control projects, NRG 2 is capable to communicate at hundreds of meters and last for years when powered from simple alcalyne batteries. The amount of input-output pins makes this module capable to connect to an endless list of sensors and actuators via binary, analog, I2C, SPI or UART ports.
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panStamp NRG can be easily programmed from Arduino 1.6 IDE via USB or wirelessly from panStamp's open SWAPdmt tool. It contains a CC1101-compatible radio so panStamp NRG can communicate with your existing AVR nodes and applications.

Hardware specifications:
- 0.63 x 0.86 in (16 x 22 mm)
- MCU: CC430F5137 (MSP430 core + CC11XX radio SOC)
- Speed: Programmable speed between 8MHz and 24MHz
- Flash: 32 KB
- RAM: 4 KB
- Info memory: 512 bytes
- Unique MAC address
- Voltage range: from 2VDC to 3.6VDC
- Rx current: 18 mA max
- Tx current: 36 mA max
- Sleep current: 1-2 uA
- Maximum Tx power: +12 dBm
- Communication length: 200m in open spaces at 0dBm with pigtail antenna
- 128-bit AES Security Encryption
- On-board LED
- Programmable via SBW, BSL and wirelessly (SWAP)