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Mini Spy Camera with Trigger for Photo or Video

This Mini Spy Camera is smaller than a thumbnail with a high enough resolution to see people, or ghosts, or whatever it is you're looking for. It's fairly high resolution (480p video and 1280x720 photo) module, with a driver board that is about 1 square inch in size, with a microSD card holder.
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Weight: 30 g
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Connect the red wire to 3.7V-5VDC and the black wire to ground. Then use the white wire to control the camera. When touched to ground for under half a second, the camera will take a photo and stick it in a PHOTO folder on the SD card, numbered from PIC000.jpg up to PIC999.jpg. The red LED will blink briefly. When the trigger wire is touched for over a half second, it will start taking a video clip with audio from the mini microphone. The LED will stay on during the entire recording. Touch it again for half a second+ to stop.

It's really easy to make a micro-timelapse device or make little videos from the point of view of your robot! Note that there is a microphone but the audio quality is a little buzzy. A microSD slot on the board allows video recording to either a microSD or microSDHC memory card - make sure its formatted FAT32 and not exFAT or anything funky. Comes with a USB cable for power and data transfer (plug it in and it will show up as a disk drive).

- Photo format: JPEG
- Photo resolution: 1280×720
- Video format: AVI
- Video resolution: 640x480
- MicroSD maximum support: 32G
- Supply voltage: 3.7V ~ 5V, can be directly connected to a lithium battery
- Standby current: 80mA
- Operating current: 110mA
- PCB dimensions: 28.5mm x 17mm x 4.2mm
- Camera dimensions: 6.2mm x 6.2mm x 4.4mm
- USB cable length end-to-end: 508mm / 20"
- PCB + camera weight: 2.8g / 0.1oz