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PiFi DAC: I2S HIFI DAC for Raspberry PI B+/2B/3

This is high quality audio add-on for Raspberry Pi, based on high end PCM5122 chip, supports volume and auto parameters adjusted through I2S interface, 16 to 32 bit audio data format, 384kHz high sampling rate, 112dB dynamic range. It can be used with audio playback system (volumio, xbmc, etc.) to build your own network HiFi player.
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Weight: 55 g
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This board is PI HAT size (65 x 56 mm), it has gold plated output RCA stereo terminals and 3.5 mm headset seat. Note that the headphone interface is mainly purposed to connect to an external amplifier. Although some users have tested and proved that this board can drive most low internal resistance headphone, there is no official data referring it can directly drive headphones.

Volumio configuration
Raspbmc (XBMC) configuration