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The pHAT DAC provides a super affordable high-quality DAC for the Raspberry Pi. At the heart of pHAT DAC is Texas Instrument's PCM5102A stereo audio DAC chip, pumping out 24-bits at 192KHz of audio goodness from the Raspberry Pi's I2S interface on the 2x20 pin GPIO header.
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This kit has a 3.5mm stereo jack pre-assembled and we've included a dual RCA phono connector which is not assembled, you have to solder it yourself. Though designed to match the format of the Raspberry Pi Zero it is compatible with all 40-pin GPIO Raspberry Pi variants (2/3/B+/A+/Zero).

Kit includes:
- Assembled pHAT DAC
- 2x20 0.1" female GPIO header (not assembled)
- dual RCA phono connector (not assembled)