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Croduino beginner kit - IoT

Croduino set for Internet of Things (IoT CSP) beginners is a complete set for the beginning of work with the Internet of things. Contains CROduino NOVA (microcontroller board with ESP8266 which can very easily be programmed from the Arduino IDE) and a bunch of different sensors and actuators, which are often used in projects related to the Internet.
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Weight: 250 g
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[Description - Long] Kit contents:
- Croduino Nova
- Micro USB cable
- 2-channel relay
- DC engine
- Ž-Ž set of cables
- Temperature and pressure sensor - BMP180
- Servo engine - TowerPto SG90
- Motion sensor HC-SR501
- Air quality sensor - MQ135
- 10k resistors (15kom)
- 2x 2N2222 transistor
- 2x IRF540 MOSFET
- HR202L humidity sensor
- Buzzer