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Deltatron 3D Printer Kit

Our first 3D printer kit, based on Kossel Mini and modified according to our own good and bad experiences with 3D printers. Easy to assemble and use, it's a perfect starting point for your journey into the 3D printing world. For more info and tech specs click on title for detail product page.
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Weight: 8000 g
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Assembly manual, user manual, firmware, configuration and 3D models can be found in Deltatron's Github repo.

- build volume: Ø160 x 220 mm
- hotend: 0.4 mm J-Head (250 °C max)
- supported filament: 1.75 mm PLA or PETG
- print speed: 80-100 mm/s (standared), 60-80 mm/s(fine), 100-120 mm/s(draft)
- layer height: 0.05-0.35 mm
- heatbed: no (can be upgraded)
- auto bed levelling: yes (mechanical)
- LCD controller: no (can be upgraded)