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Croduino NOVA

Croduino NOVA is microcontroller board capable of connecting to WiFi Internet network. It is based on very popular ESP8266 which was struggle to use standalone. With NOVA, just plug the board into USB port and start programming your next Internet-connected project(IoT)!
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Weight: 10 g
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- ESP8266 in ESP-12 package
- 80MHz, 1MB flash, 82kB RAM
- programmable from Arduina!
- 9 GPIO pins of which all support PWM
- 1 analog input(ADC), max. voltage 1V i 5V
- I2C, SPI, serial communication
- CP2102 USB to UART bridge with micro USB connector
- 3.3V voltage regulator
- LEDs: power, tx, rx, GPIO13
- automatical hardware reset before upload of code
- two pushbuttons: reset i GPIO0
- FCC i CE certificates for ESP-12