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e-Shelf USB 6 Blue

Electronic shelf with built-in displays and controller board. Kit of 3D-printed and laser-cutted plastic parts, and Arduino electronics, easily assembled, push-to-fit. Open source hardware and software.
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Weight: 7000 g
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Electronic shelf contains 6 built-in screens, usually intended to display names and prices of goods. Connected to PC or PoS terminal with USB cable, it requires no other cables for communication nor power supply.
It comes as kit of 3D-printed and laser-cutted plastic parts, easily assembled, push-to-fit.
All electronic components are open source, based on Arduino. Controller board comes pre-programmed with our open source firmware. All electronic components are fully tested.
We also wrote an example open source web application in python. Web app provides a simple user interface to change each screen's content. But it also provides a simple web API, as all request use HTTP GET.

This is our patent-pending (P20150850A) invention.

The software is available at github.