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Sensotron Kit

Sensotron is kit to teach you working with 7 basic sensor. It can sense light, sound, temperature, humidity, pressure, touch, movement, and gas, and display measured results on built-in display.
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Weight: 250 g
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Sensotron kit contains:

ITeaduino Uno
LCD Keypad Shield
Arduino Stackable Header Kit
40-pin dupont female-to-female cables
Touch sensor electronic brick
PIR motion sensor module
MPL115A2 I2C Barrometric pressure/temperature sensor
Light sensor electronic brick
Sound sensor/Microphone electronic brick
DHT 11 Humidity/Temperature sensor electronic brick
MQ-2 Gas sensor electronic brick

This is about as much sensors as you can plug into a single Arduino, and everything else required to control them, and display the readings. No soldering required!

Arduino sketch to read sensors and display the results, including libraries, is available at github under GPL license: