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How do I pay?

Paypal, or wire transfer.
Just select appropriate payment method during checkout process.
PDF Order available after checkout contains all the data required for wire transfer - our bank routing number and IBAN.

Why are you so cheap?

As distributors, we get generous discounts.

Why don't you accept credit cards?

Payment gateways request additional charges. To make long story short, our prices would have to go up by 10-20%.
Credit cards also bring security risks along.

What are shipping prices and durations?

Shipping prices are calculated automatically when you make an order.
All EU countries are supported. For countries outside EU we may need to calculate prices separatelly - if you can't make an order, request a quote instead, and we'll send you details by e-mail.
EU is divided into 4 zones, and shipping may last 3 to 10 days, depending on zone.
Please contact us if shipping options do not display.

Goods we have on stock are shipped on daily basis.

Why do I have to register?

So we can reach you if we can't fulfill your order right away.